Success Stories

We’ve built our business on taking care of others’ businesses and we depend on their success for our success. See what they have to say.


InUnison Design

"As our companies have grown, one of the needs that’s happened is to really do a better job taking care of employees and the requirements and the government regulations and the reviews and we weren’t doing that well. We weren’t going through the processes correctly. As a business owner you’ve got things coming at you all the time. Ailee has such a calming, professional presence when she’s working with the people that you really care about in your business. I mean, it was really easy to just trust her because we had that connection." - Christine Frisk, Owner/Principal


The Business Women’s Circle

“In my time working with Ailee Nelson, I know three things about her. First, she does not shy from the tough stuff. I have seen her build an HR department from scratch, deal with tough conversations with compassion and help build structure and policies into organizations that had none. Second, Ailee gets things done. Where others see barriers, she sees an opportunity to figure out how to get something accomplished - whether that is through her own learning or using her many resources that she has developed. Third, she is a wonderful human being that understands what you need and how to speak in your voice. Ailee has taken over my calendar and other projects for me and often times responds to questions and problems better than I would have for myself! I love working with her and she has quickly become an indispensable partner for me and my organization. Based on my experience, I believe Ailee and her team would be a valuable asset to any organization they work with.” - Lani Basa, CEO & Lead Facilitator


The Instinctive Advantage

“I have had the absolute privilege of working with Ailee in dual capacities – both in her role with BWC and as a partner in her HR work.  In Ailee’s role as Business Manager for BWC, she is always timely and accurate.  A great deal of the BWC business is conducted virtually, and Ailee’s role is absolutely key in keeping everyone on schedule.  She always does it gracefully and with a smile on her face. I truly do not know how she does it, but she keeps a virtual team moving in the same direction – no easy feat.  I have also had the honor of seeing Ailee in action in her HR Consultant space. 

Clients have deep respect for her, and she is able to appropriately guide clients through making the tough decisions. Ailee handles the tough conversations flawlessly, and helps create and implement an action plan for the client to ensure the best result.  I would highly recommend Ailee for your Virtual Assistant or HR Consulting needs.” - Erin Werde, President

WOMEN PRESIDENTS’ organization

“I've used Approach HR's services to do the stuff I'm terrible at. No more mistakes, typos, and finally an organized filing system. It's those things that keep you from doing what you enjoy and are good at. Whether it's creating something, like a directory, or simply updating and managing data, she comes through for me in a timely manner.” - Myrna Marofsky, Chapter Chair


The creative catalysts

“Allow me to recognize your outstanding service so far. What stands out: Your professionalism, service-orientation, independent thinking, judgement, responsiveness and proactive approach. I also appreciate how you represent the Catalyst brand. You are truly helpful (I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through the past few weeks without your assistance), and it’s a pleasure to work with you too!“

“Working with Ailee is always a pleasure. She is professional, prepared for meetings, understands HR and how HR structure impacts a company's strategic vision. In addition to her organizational and Human Resources knowledge, Ailee navigates difficult situations with a calm demeanor. We have worked together on a number of projects over the last four years and it is always a joy to collaborate with Ailee.” - Talley Flora, CEO & Founder

Red Seat

Where others see barriers, she (Ailee) sees an opportunity to figure out how to get something accomplished.
— Lani Basa, CEO & Lead Facilitator at The BWC

Miller Law, PLLC

“Ailee managed multiple complex executive staffing functions in an organized and professional fashion. Ailee was a pleasure to work with and I believe that she would be an incredible asset to anyone's executive team.” - Douglas R. Miller, Attorney

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Canvasback, Inc.

“Approach HR has literally changed my business! Ailee led me through restructuring my team, she defined roles and responsibilities, hired several new employees, streamlined processes and procedures and continues to coach and mentor not only a few key employees but me as well! Ailee just gets it. Both the business aspect as well as the people side.” - Brooks Chandler, Owner

Ailee just gets it. Both the business aspect as well as the people side.
— Brooks Chandler, Owner, Canvasback, Inc.

“Ailee is extremely positive and has exceptional organizational skills. She is a true professional and she would be an asset to any organization.”
- Jessica Jensen, Executive Closer

Title One, Inc.


Jkath Design Build + Reinvent

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with Ailee in a variety of settings. I hired her to work for me to help get caught up and my books in order as my season had gotten away from me. I also work alongside Ailee for the Business Women’s Circle, she diligently keeps it all together a timely manner and effectively communicates scheduling and locations. Ailee also keeps all of our shared documents updated and readily available for team use. She is efficient, professional and eager to take on new tasks, creating seamless work flows. Ailee has been a true asset to several organizations I am familiar with and is seeing fantastic growth as a result.” - Katie Kath, Co-Owner & BWC Facilitator



“Always professional, there’s nothing Ailee won’t take on. Ailee is a roadblock buster. You tell her what you need and it gets done flawlessly. Ailee is extremely helpful, interested and caring about why I need what, and how to make it happen. Ailee works with a team of great professionals who offer consistent, at-the-ready coverage and project work. Ailee and her team have extended the capabilities of my organization –– a significant contribution to our success. In a business with a lot of moving parts, I was always in fear of dropping the ball. Now it’s all taken care of by Ailee and her team. Ailee listens to truly understand your business challenges, providing precise, custom solutions that manage your issues. With Ailee, it’s under control.” - Dean Hyers, Principal