Human Resource Services

Helping you manage the employment process effectively.


As organizations grow, the management of employees becomes increasingly complex and difficult. Issues begin to creep in that need a longer term plan. An “organic” approach to employee performance management becomes challenging.

At this stage less fire-fighting and more proactive Human Resource planning is required to ensure the continued success and legal compliance for the organization.

Outsourcing Human Resources (HR) can be a helpline for when things go wrong. More importantly it can help achieve your goals through accountability and development of an HR plan.  Our business partner approach has been described as “having a part-time internal HR department”. We can also help with specific shorter-term issues.

If you would like to discuss options for strategic HR support for your organization then get in touch for an informal chat.

Individual services include:

  • Coaching & mentoring existing team members to support growth and development and or address performance related issues

  • Hiring new team members

  • terminations

  • Job description creation

  • Defining employee roles & responsibilities

  • Organizational & accountability chart creation

  • Policies & procedures streamlining

  • Employee handbook creation

  • I-9 Audits

  • Company compliance with human resource laws assessment

  • Performance Reviews

  • Performance Improvement Plans